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Is OptionBot a SCAM?

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OptionBot Review

At last, a binary option platform that can really make you money online is available. A lot of people are serious about making money online, but for the most part, they’re hit with scams. Previously, the swanky world of currency and stock trading was a reserve for a select elite group of traders that mainly managed to get there through a university degree, or via intensive private training provided by the employer.

In other words, becoming a stock broker was not for everyone, and it wasn’t that simple either. But the rewards are undisputed. A glitzy lifestyle seemed to be the accepted standard of successful brokers, but to the ordinary person out there, it didn’t mean anything because they’ve got just about the same likelihood of becoming a successful trader as they do to become a surgeon.

However, things are a little different now, with the explosion of cyberspace and the ever increasing connection speeds. It’s now possible to trade at the comfort of your home with precision accuracy. But how do you learn all the jargon and the tricks? Simply put, you don’t have to know all the jargon. With OptionBot – one of the most accurate currency trading indicators out there – everything is done for you.

Is Optionbot a scam?

With Option Bot software, you will consistently make winning trades all at the comfort of your bedroom, and according to the official promotional video, your trades can earn you as much profit as $1622 within 45 minutes of trading binary options and currencies. Your only job is to follow what the software program tells you to do.

Of course, this may sound too good to be true, but that’s before you get to know the full features and benefits of this system. The best part is that the system is completely free to use for the first week, so you could even make enough money to buy the full lifetime license in the first 7 days. At only $97 ($197 For the GOLD version), this has got to be the one of the safest ways to make more money online.

One thing about Option Bot is that it is the first binary options trading software of its kind to be made available for anyone’s use. Software such as this one was normally developed for individual traders to boost their trades.

By now you may be wondering what is it that makes Option Bot really standout. Well, quite a lot. Firstly, having been created by some of the brightest geeks and financial gurus, the software’s accuracy ranges between 85 and 92 percent. What’s more, you’ll get back up to 80 percent returns if you correctly predict an asset trading up or down within a specified period of time.

In addition, the financial data feed that you’ll find in Option Bot is one of the best of its kind. Some users of the software have even suggested that the data feed might be faster than that of some traditional platforms, rewarding the user with unmatched premonitory advantage.


The software isn’t complicated to use. There are two basic parameters to set on the system, and that is time (from one minute to one hour) and PIPs (or tolerance), which are the basis on which your profit will be determined. The system comes with the default parameters set, the same as those used in the promotional video on the official site where the user made $1622 in 45 minutes with just two signals.

The system essentially uses the settings that you’ve chosen. For instance, if you set 30 PIPs in a period of 15 minutes and the system notices any upward or downward movement of the same size within those 15 minutes, it will indicate when and where the movement happened. The user will then be able to either choose a call or put option. So if you’re to use the same ethos used in the promotional video (what goes up surely must come down), then you would select a trade going down if, for instance, it showed GBP/USD moving up.

This system really works, and it’s such a breath of fresh air to see a piece of binary options software that gives traders the edge. It’s a product developed by a small company but with such huge impact, and this is not something very common. But that is precisely the achievement of a small UK based agency that developed Option Bot . It is the answer for those who have ever considered making real money online without success. Likewise, if you’ve tried your hand at forex trading without much success, Option Bot is the system for you. In a sea of get rich quick scams, Option Bot has managed to prove its worth as a real, money making system.

Best of all, Option Bot can work with many binary options trading platforms out there. And you don’t really need to know the nitty-gritty of what binary options are. It is simple ‘all or nothing’ trading where, for a fixed return, your job is to merely decide whether an asset will go up or down.

But if you’re trading binary options on any other platform, you’d have to keep track of the activities on the currency markets throughout the trading period, and you’d also have to do a lot of guesswork, of which most times you’re likely to be wrong. With Option Bot , that is so ancient – the system has its own live data feed from currency and financial markets. By simply setting the two customizable parameters mentioned earlier, the system’s financial data feed will notify you when both parameters occur. This way, you will know where and when to place the next trade that will most likely guarantee success.

With the 7-day no-obligation free trial period, you can try out Option Bot on any binary options platform your want and you’ll be guaranteed a success rate of over 80 percent. It’s really simple, nothing complicated – you make that trade and earn profit.

So if you’re serious about trading binary options online, Option Bot is certainly worth a try. Note that whereas you might win a few trades initially, it’s all up to you to learn how to manage risk in the long term. The system will not show you how to do that, but it will show you how to win trades.

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